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    5 Things You’ll Notice After Kansas City Carpet Cleaning

    A technician cleans the carpets.
    Many Kansas City homeowners think professional carpet cleaning is only for people who don’t have time to clean their own homes or who are hypersensitive to the way their homes look. Nothing could be further from the truth! Professional carpet cleaning services are beneficial for all homeowners, family sizes, and income levels; this specialized type of cleaning actually promotes better living. Steamatic of Kansas City has heard numerous success stories from homeowners who are fed up with traditional cleaning methods and want something better. Let us introduce you to your new favorite home service.

    1. Reduced Allergy Symptoms

    Mold, dust mites and pollen that irritate allergy symptoms are obliterated with steam cleaning carpet treatments. You should feel comfortable in your own home no matter the season! Stuffy noses and itchy eyes are a thing of the past with detailed professional home cleaning. Experience life with a clear mind and a clean home. We’ll help you kick allergy symptoms to the curb in no time.

    2. Fewer Illnesses

    Superheated steam kills germs, bacteria and microorganisms that hide in carpet fibers. If left untreated, these germs can be stirred up as guests walk over carpets, ceiling fans lift air up into the room, and pets roll around with their favorite toys. Experience a heightened immune system and fewer instances of illness with reduced numbers of illness-causing bacteria in your home.

    3. Improved Carpet Quality

    Old carpets are restored with professional carpet cleaning services. When rocks, dirt, and plant fibers make their way into your home they grind against carpet fibers. The friction can actually destroy carpet pile and cause it to “wilt” down into the ground. Carpet that has lost its original shape can frequently be restored by removing these damaging factors from the base of the carpet. Not only will your carpet have renewed color and shape, but the life of home carpets is frequently extended with regular professional carpet cleaning as well!

    4. Pet Odors Vanish

    Cats who spray and puppies who have accidents are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Cleaning up after pets can get rid of immediate staining, but scents frequently linger even after treated with odor remover and baking soda. Professional carpet cleaning can restore the look and smell of your home’s carpeted areas to eliminate mystery scents floating in the air.

    5. New Hobbies

    No matter where you go within the Steamatic service area, you can count on the same high standards of customer service, attention to detail, uncompromising professionalism and fair pricing. All of which is why Steamatic is the most trusted name in restoration and cleaning.

    Get it Done

    With professional steam cleaning services in Kansas City, parents can rest easy knowing their pets and children are playing on carpet free from allergens, germs and other nasty harbingers of illness. Steamatic of Kansas City encourages anyone interested in healthier lifestyles to call now and try professional steam cleaning services. The results might surprise you!
    • Diana Fuller

      I have had great experience with Steamatic of KC. Since I do foster work with dogs, my area rugs are into Steamatic yearly. Love the discount for bringing them in myself. They have also cleaned my carpets. While their prices are competitive they aren

    • Pete Hall

      On time, professional, friendly, worked fast and cleaned the carpet to new condition. Great service will use them again.

    • Carrie Jeske

      Jeffrey Degenhardt the GM was fantastic helping me get whole house pricing over email. He was responsive and accurate. The cleaning technician, Steven Green was EXCELLENT. He was detail oriented, hard working and really cared about doing a good job.