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    Have Hardwood? Why Professional Cleaning Still Matters

    Just because your floors are hardwood doesn't mean they don't need to be professionally cleaned periodically. While carpets are known to harbor more allergens, including dust mites, pollen, pet hair and dander, and other debris and filth, hardwood floors also still contribute to unclean home environments and less healthy indoor air quality. Professional cleaning for hardwood floors is just as important as cleaning for carpet.
    Your cleaning specialist will give you recommendations for a cleaning schedule based on the amount of traffic your hardwood floors receive and other factors, such as whether you have children or indoor pets or not. Here is what you should know about cleaning your hardwood floors.
    Hardwood Releases Dust
    While carpets gather several pounds of dirt every year, much of what is stuck inside carpets can easily be sucked up inside a vacuum and kept from the air. With hardwood, the same dust and other allergens that would be caught in carpet gets tossed in the air when disturbed by a broom or even air circulation from a ceiling fan or air conditioning unit, allowing the air quality in your home to be compromised.
    If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or upper respiratory illnesses, hardwood poses a health risk like many other flooring options. Regular sweeping and dry mopping of your hardwood floors is recommended to keep the surfaces, and indoor air, clean.
    Have your hardwood floors professionally deep cleaned periodically to further eliminate allergens. Your cleaning specialist will show you tips on keeping your hardwood pristine between cleanings.
    Hardwood Is Hard to Clean
    Hardwood is porous, even when sealed, since the wood is naturally designed to absorb moisture. This means you can't wet a mop to wipe away dust and other stains. Using chemicals to clean your floors — such as bleach, vinegar, and other household cleaning agents — damages the finish and seal of your hardwood and prematurely wears the surface out.
    So you're limited to the ways you clean hardwood. The most effective cleaning practice for this type of hard flooring surface is to use a microfiber dry mop daily in high traffic areas and a lightly damp mop on occasion to keep floors clean.
    Even with the best cleaning practices, your hardwood will eventually become dull and lackluster as it succumbs to the abuse of regular floor cleanings or the accumulation of dust and other matter. When your cleaning specialist treats your hardwood floors, they can restore surfaces to their natural beauty with buffing, new seal coating, and other treatments, in addition to professional cleaning.
    As a bonus, cleaning specialists know the right chemicals to use on hardwood that won't damage the floors. Since even traditional household products designed for hardwood can cause residue buildup over time, trust the advice of your cleaning specialist and only use the products they recommend between professional treatments.
    Hardwood Lasts Longer With Cleaning
    Depending on the type of hardwood floors you have, you'll have many years of enjoyment with your flooring choice as long as you maintain and treat your hardwood regularly. Deep cleaning is just one of the ways you can extend the life of your hardwood floors.
    After you have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned, have them resealed if this treatment hasn't been done in recent years. Your newly cleaned floors will retain their luster under a fresh seal coat that will protect against pet and other traffic stains.
    Also, never allow water to remain on your hardwood floors and treat all stains immediately. Wine, ink, and pet stains are difficult to remove. Your cleaning specialist will advise you on how to keep these types of stains at bay.

    Protecting your hardwood floors with regular professional cleanings improves indoor air quality and helps your flooring last. Trust our cleaning experts at Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning for all your home's deep cleaning needs. Call us today for a consultation.

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