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    The Benefits of Winter Carpet Cleaning

    Winter Carpet

    Spring cleaning may be an annual event in your home, but that doesn't mean you have to wait for Match or April before you deep clean your carpets. The winter is an ideal time for a professional-level carpet cleaning service. If winter carpet cleaning is new to you, take a look at the many benefits it brings.

    Leftover Leaves

    As fall turns into winter, the fallen leaves crush and turn into near-compost under your feet. Dragging this often-muddy mess into your home will leave your carpets streaked, stained, and looking worn. Carpet cleaning service at the beginning of winter can remove the leftover fall leaves and give your carpets a new life for the next season.

    Mold Prevention

    Wet, snow-soaked boots should stay near to the entry door in order to minimize the winter-time mess. But that doesn't always happen. When you, your family, or your guests walk onto the carpets with wet-bottom boots, the moisture seeps into the surface. This moisture can sink down through the carpet fibers and into the padding.

    Not only does this moisture decrease the decorative degree of your carpets, but it can also cause serious damage. Water that sits on a surface, or is trapped underneath, can spawn mold growth. While some people don't react to mold, others can have respiratory symptoms or suffer from skin irritation. A deep, professional-level carpet cleaning can help to eliminate this issue and reduce the mold risk.

    Flu Fighter

    The flu causes hundreds of thousands of people to be hospitalized annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Along with vaccination and hand-washing, cleaning your home well and regularly can help to reduce the risk of catching the flu — especially after someone sick has been in your home.

    With a possible 48-hour life span on household surfaces, the flu can easily spread indirectly without adequate cleaning. You may not be enough to fully stop the spread of the virus by simply cleaning door knobs and countertops. A complete cleaning, including the carpets, is the best way to minimize the contagion following an illness. Given that winter is peak flu time, this is the season to have your carpets cleaned professionally.

    Indoor Air

    Warm spring and summer days make it possible to open your windows, letting fresh air in and potential allergens or irritants out. This method won't work in the cold of winter. Without window ventilation, the trapped air inside of your home recirculates, raising the risk for increased dust and allergens.

    But these pollutants won't always stay in the air. Gravity pulls them downwards, causing allergens like dust, irritants, pet fur, and other similar substances to land on your carpets.

    Regular vacuuming can reduce the number of allergens on (or in) your carpets. But this type of surface cleaning may not completely remove all of the irritating issues. A professional-strength carpet cleaning gets deep down into the fibers to remove allergens and wash them away.

    Road Salt

    Rock salt and ice melt mixes may help you to walk or drive on roads, sidewalks, and driveways, but theses products can ruin your carpets. Even though you may not see the clear crystals or white pellets on the bottoms of your shoes, the salt/ice melt can mix with snow and create a watery mess that sticks to your floors.

    Salt and ice melt products can leave behind stiff carpet fibers or crusty white stains on carpets. If not removed promptly, the salt/ice melt can cause serious, and often permanent, damage to your flooring. While spot cleaning can help you to remove the heaviest build-up, it may not fully clean the chemicals off of your carpets. A professional cleaning service can eliminate the residue, leaving your carpets looking new.

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    • Diana Fuller

      I have had great experience with Steamatic of KC. Since I do foster work with dogs, my area rugs are into Steamatic yearly. Love the discount for bringing them in myself. They have also cleaned my carpets. While their prices are competitive they aren

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      On time, professional, friendly, worked fast and cleaned the carpet to new condition. Great service will use them again.

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      Jeffrey Degenhardt the GM was fantastic helping me get whole house pricing over email. He was responsive and accurate. The cleaning technician, Steven Green was EXCELLENT. He was detail oriented, hard working and really cared about doing a good job.