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    Why You Should Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned Between Tenants

    Professionally Cleaned Carpets
    If you are a landlord and your rental units have carpet in them, you would be wise to have professional carpet cleaning done in between tenants. Here's why this is one task you shouldn't skip before new tenants move in.
    Identify Damage
    As many landlords know, one of the first things that you have to do when you take back possession of a rental is look to determine if any damage was done by the previous tenant. If you're still trying to determine whether you should return the entire security deposit or if the tenant owes you money for damage to the rental, having the carpets cleaned can help.
    Once the carpets are clean, you can see if any stains can’t be removed or if the carpet is in good condition. You can much more easily assess the condition of the carpet after it has been cleaned, and a pro can even help you identify any damage. You will also have proof that you had a professional clean the carpet, in case a tenant claims that the damage is not permanent.
    In addition to determining what the tenant might be responsible for paying for, you also must identify damage to the carpet before the next tenant moves in. Then, you can have a record of what damage was and was not present when the tenant moved in, which can prove to be useful information for both of you when your next tenant moves out.
    Cleaning the carpet also allows you to determine what repairs or replacements may need to be done before another tenant moves in. You may find that some of the carpet needs to be replaced. Alternatively, you may discover necessary carpet repairs that you need to do before showing the property.
    Get Rid of Lingering Odors
    Along with getting rid of any lingering stains that the last tenant might have left behind, professional carpet cleaning can also help with getting rid of lingering odors. If a previous tenant had pets or cooked a lot in the unit, for example, odors may linger in the carpet, even if it isn’t damaged. This isn't going to make your unit seem too appealing when you show it.
    Professional carpet cleaning is great for getting rid of these smells. If you've done some repair work in the unit, carpet cleaning can also help with replacing the smell of fresh paint or other similar odors with a nice, pleasant, and clean smell.
    Help Carpet Last Longer
    Landlords commonly have to replace the carpet in rental units more often than they might in their own homes. Even if you choose the best and most responsible tenants, for some reason, carpeting tends to wear out more quickly in rentals.
    However, just because you have to replace rental carpet more often than you might in your own home doesn't mean that you can’t do anything to help the carpet last. Regular carpet cleaning helps get rid of deep dirt and grime that could otherwise cause damage to the carpet. Overall, regular cleaning can help it look good for much longer.
    When you weigh out the cost of having your rental carpets professionally cleaned against how much you would have to spend to have them replaced completely, you'll probably find that having a professional cleaning done each time a tenant moves out is more than worth the cost.
    One step that you should be taking between tenants is having any carpets in your rentals professionally cleaned. Contact us at Steamatic of Kansas City, Inc. for information about our carpet cleaning services and the other services that we offer.
    • Diana Fuller

      I have had great experience with Steamatic of KC. Since I do foster work with dogs, my area rugs are into Steamatic yearly. Love the discount for bringing them in myself. They have also cleaned my carpets. While their prices are competitive they aren

    • Pete Hall

      On time, professional, friendly, worked fast and cleaned the carpet to new condition. Great service will use them again.

    • Carrie Jeske

      Jeffrey Degenhardt the GM was fantastic helping me get whole house pricing over email. He was responsive and accurate. The cleaning technician, Steven Green was EXCELLENT. He was detail oriented, hard working and really cared about doing a good job.