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Fire Damage Restoration for Home or Business


The holidays are a time of celebration and family, but this time of year is also the busiest season for fire departments. Home fires occur more in winter than in any other season. With Christmas lights, holiday lanterns, home-cooked meals, and small children running around, it is impossible to prevent 100 percent of disasters. The increased risk isn’t just limited to homes; colder weather causes many companies to turn on the heat, increasing the risk for a fire. If your home or business is the unlucky recipient of fire damage this season, it is tough to know exactly how to recover. The aftermath of a fire makes it difficult to resume life as normal even after repairs have been made, as the lingering smoke smell is unpleasant and potentially harmful to your home or business.

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Get Healthy with Mold Remediation in Kansas City


Both residential homes and commercial businesses have one thing in common: the potential for harmful mold in bathrooms and grout, and around windows where condensation is most prevalent. While carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning in Kansas City can clean your home, it is important to also note the presence of mold so it can be safely handled and removed from the area. Home remedies and cleaning companies who are not trained in proper mold removal procedures can lead to the spread of mold colonies and a much bigger problem than originally anticipated. Opt for a company with decades of mold remediation experience like Steamatic of Kansas City for the best results.

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5 Things You’ll Notice After Kansas City Carpet Cleaning


Many Kansas City homeowners think professional carpet cleaning is only for people who don’t have time to clean their own homes or who are hypersensitive to the way their homes look. Nothing could be further from the truth! Professional carpet cleaning services are beneficial for all homeowners, family sizes, and income levels; this specialized type of cleaning actually promotes better living. Steamatic of Kansas City has heard numerous success stories from homeowners who are fed up with traditional cleaning methods and want something better. Let us introduce you to your new favorite home service.

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