Carpet Repair and Stretching Services in Kansas City

Steamatic is known for its ability to perform carpet repairs of all kinds. This includes the ability to repair and stretch carpet to remove wrinkles, repair worn seams, patching carpet to eliminate stains or damage, and reinstalling carpet that has been pulled up to dry floors after remodeling work.

Carpet Stretching

A carpet can start to wrinkle or buckle after it has been installed for a few years. This usually happens in high traffic areas. The solution is to re-stretch the carpet with a carpet power stretcher. Stretching the carpet to remove these wrinkles will not only improve the look of the carpet, it will also delay the need to replace it by giving you added years of use.

Carpet Patching

Perhaps a spill accident involving indelible ink or dye has damaged the appearance of your carpet, and no amount of cleaning will remove the permanent stain. Or maybe an ember popped out of the fireplace and burned a hole in your carpet. Problems such as these can often be eliminated by careful plugging or patching with matching carpet. Often the patched area is completely invisible, and we guarantee the patch will stay in place after vacuuming or cleaning.

Carpet Reinstallation

Room remodeling or water damage can require that carpet be removed for protection purposes or to dry out the floor. We specialize in reinstalling carpet to its original installation appearance. We can also professionally clean the carpet after reinstallation with our patented Steamatic hot water soil extraction process. We have a great deal of experience restoring and reinstalling carpet to your complete satisfaction.   

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