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Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning


    Tile And Grout Cleaning in Kansas City, MO

    Steamatic, Inc in Kansas City, MO offers professional tile cleaning services for bathrooms, kitchens, and other tiled surfaces in homes or commercial spaces. We can even take care of the more difficult to clean grout between tiles, leaving your surfaces fresh and shining like new. From stains to calcification, soap scum to mildew, we can handle the toughest cleaning jobs.

    A Deep and Lasting Clean

    At Steamatic, Inc, our professional tile floor cleaning experts use a combination of cleaning solvents and equipment that are gentle enough to protect your tiles, yet strong enough to take care of even the most caked on grime and dirt. Cleaning tiles yourself by hand can be messy and frustrating, but Steamatic, Inc uses equipment that gets you a deep-clean result you can't get on your own. We can even use a special sealant to protect your grout and keep it looking fresh longer. Call Steamatic, Inc in Kansas City, MO today to schedule an appointment.

    Wood Floor Refinishing and Deep Cleaning in Kansas City

    ​​Refinishing Options For Your Hardwood Floors That Don’t Include Sanding

    Years of wear and buildup can take their toll on hardwood floors, causing them to lose their shine and beauty over time. In the past your option was to sand and refinish your hardwood floors. This process is costly, messy and time consuming.  Many homeowners are enjoying restoration options that do not include complete sanding and refinishing of their hardwood floors.

    Steamatic is proud to offer hardwood floor cleaning services that include refinishing after a complete deep cleaning process.

    Steamatic’s intensive deep cleaning process can breathe new life into your hardwood floors, dramatically improving their appearance and bringing back their original luster at a fraction of the cost, with no dust from sanding, which is required for refinishing.
    Steamatic’s wood floor deep cleaning process uses innovative cleaning equipment to remove the toughest dirt and residue safely and effectively from your hardwood floors. This cleaning allows the new finish to superbly bond with your wood floors.

    Water-Based Polyurethane Wood Flooring Finish​

    Application of a water based polyurethane finish to your floor provides a superior protective coating and restores your floor’s original luster. Water-based coatings for your floor have half as much VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as traditional oil modified urethane. They do not have the odors associated with oil-based coatings, reducing the need for ventilating.
    Our Curing time is much shorter, allowing you to reset your furniture in 24 hours, compared to 3 to 7 days with oil based floor coatings. Combine this with the fact that this is a more durable process and better retains a clear non-yellowing appearance, making it an excellent choice for protecting and enjoying your wood floor.

    Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Cleaning and Care in Kansas City​

    Steamatic offers full stripping and waxing services for vinyl composite tile floors. Steamatic will bring neglected flooring back to life again.
    Using state-of-the-art equipment and good quality workmanship, we aggressively power through dull, scratched and yellowed buildup, which removes the old way layers down to the original surface of the tile. This combined with careful application of polymer wax will restore the luster of your VCT floor, making it more durable and beautiful.
    Steamatic works to your specifications using only high quality products to achieve the best results possible. We also offer ongoing services with burnishing and buffing, or periodic waxing or recoating. We give you quality workmanship you can trust.
    Our prices are very competitive because we have invested in high production, power scrubbing machine which can safely and thoroughly strip old wax off VCT tiles ten times faster than older methods.
    See our video demonstration of the Sidewinder floor stripper.


    • Diana Fuller

      I have had great experience with Steamatic of KC. Since I do foster work with dogs, my area rugs are into Steamatic yearly. Love the discount for bringing them in myself. They have also cleaned my carpets. While their prices are competitive they aren

    • Pete Hall

      On time, professional, friendly, worked fast and cleaned the carpet to new condition. Great service will use them again.

    • Carrie Jeske

      Jeffrey Degenhardt the GM was fantastic helping me get whole house pricing over email. He was responsive and accurate. The cleaning technician, Steven Green was EXCELLENT. He was detail oriented, hard working and really cared about doing a good job.