Mold Remediation Services in Kansas City

Look to Steamatic for the finest mold remediation services in the Kansas City area.

Our mold remediation services are a valued resource for Kansas City residents dealing with the presence of this water born pathogen in their home or business. Steamatic brings decades of experience in mold detection and mold removal to each job we undertake, and the work we do can help protect the health of you and your family as well as your property.

Water damage can be devastating to a home or business, and must be dealt with promptly and professionally. If you see or smell signs of mold, make Steamatic your first call. We complete our work using safe, non-toxic products and proven methods that have been streamlined over the course of decades. The remediation process unfolds as follows:

Steamatic has long been a source for state-of-the-art water damage repairs. We know how quickly mold develops in standing water and damp areas, and the health risks it can bring forth if left unattended. Our revolutionary mold remediation services are effective in removing mold in carpets and upholsteries, mold on furniture, and even mold in air ducts.

Your Health and Safety is Our Highest Concern

Steamatic will never jeopardize your health by using unapproved shortcuts or unregistered chemicals just to provide a low price. All chemicals used for mold remediation are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for the use of mold removal. It is federal law that mold removal chemicals must be registered with the EPA, so steer clear of any company that can’t provide proof that theirs are.

In addition, we used methods that comply with the New York City guidelines for mold remediation and the guidelines established by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). All of our personnel have passed stringent examinations to achieve certification by the IICRC as mold remediators.

We know that killing mold is only half the battle, and make certain that once mold spores are killed they are eliminated by thorough vacuuming and air scrubbing so they can’t rebreed or return EVER.

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