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Water Damage


    Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City, Missouri

    Water Damage: Why it Happens

    Water damage can come from a variety of sources. Although most individuals think that it comes from some type of flooding, this isn’t always the case. Leaking or broken pipes can also cause the damage, as can an overflowing toilet or dishwasher. Put simply, water damage can come from any source of water that isn’t properly taken care of.​

    Types of Water Damage

    There are three categories of water damage. These categories were created to help homeowners and cleaning crews understand the potentials risks and dangers of their situation. After all, if a toilet overflows, there are more health risks than if your kitchen sinks overflows.

    Category One

    This level of water damage is minor. It comes from clean water, often from an overflowing sink. This category is not hazardous to your health.

    Category Two

    This level is known as gray water and often results from broken toilets. This type of water damage could make you sick but generally only if the water is ingested.

    Category Three

    This level is referred to as black water because it poses serious health risks. This type of water damage should be resolved immediately.

    Don’t Let it Get Out of Hand

    The most important thing to remember about water damage is that it can be solved. As long as you act immediately and don’t let it get out of hand, the damage can be fixed. Contact our team today if you have water damage or flooding. We can help restore your home and remove the excess water. Get started today by giving our office a call.
    Avoid Water Damage


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